Finding Home 3′ x 4′  mixed media on canvas

crows have appeared in my work again this year….and of course they are a constant in my life….crows are very adaptable and extremely clever so i think everyone can relate to the crow….crows are a relatively new addition to my work, in the last couple of years….i have long been inspired by them, however i have been reluctant to use the imagery in my work…partly because 2 of my fave artists, Grant Leier and Sheila Norgate have been using these images in their work for some time now….however, on good advice from them, i have discovered that all images are up for grabs… just have to take it and make it your own…put your own unique twist on it, as only you can do….if it’s calling to you, don’t resist…

Crows  16″ square glass

and so, this is what i do…..i actually made steel and glass sculptural crows last year…they were funky…i’ll post a pic of them next time….


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