Oh yah, there are some chickens running around my studio…. they all began in bali, where i painted the top image …where there are chickens runnin’ around everywhere….totally free range….and slim and athletic….especially compared to our heavy breasted birds here in the west…..although i did just see some new not quite fully grown chickens here on gabriola island, and they were looking pretty sassy….  

 all of these pieces are mixed media on wood panel…i really love the texture that comes through when you over paint many times on the same canvas a la sheila norgate   she’s the “queen of the blank canvas”….no fear about beginning again, and creating anew on an existing painting…..you can look back at one of my earlier posts, “new images from spring studio” and see the where the inspiration of colour and texture came from……funky boxes made from old javanese fishing boats…..go back and take a peek, you’ll see what i mean….. 

 little chick here has already been about 4 different paintings underneath….and i really LOVE this one….i think it’s a keeper for sure…..

 and i made the “run wild” piece for my mom, cause she was playing with paint, and i wanted to encourage her to PLAY!!!! cause i know that this is where all the best stuff comes from…when we loosen up and just see what happens….ya know, that little voice that says “i wonder what would happen if i tried this??” and before we can judge ourselves out of spontaneity, we just allow ourselves to go there…..it is good for your soul….ahhhhhhh

it’s all about “allowing ourselves”….and the results are often heartfelt and magical….. 


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