ok, so i know some people may think this looks a valentine’s day blog post….however, i would like to say that being heart aware all through the year is the direction i wish to move……with open hearts we can make connections and grow and heal……although i’ve always made glass hearts i have not made them for a few years now….mainly because they were kinda fussy to make……hearts need a lot of care….

the other day i had a call from someone asking if i could make him 35 hearts….these are for a workshop he teaches about opening the heart….he wants all the participants to be able to hold a heart in their hand and to realize through actually holding a small heart in their hand how they can hold and support their own and anothers heart without clenching and gripping….

 the example is to hold your hand with the palm upward and all the fingers open, with the heart gently supported, instead of clenching…..i think it is a great exercise and another reminder of how we can open and connect…..my glass hearts are not perfect, they are individuals with their own dents and soft spots and bruises, but still pumping and exuding energy…..plus they look as shiny as candy apples…yum!!

i’ll be making them in all colours very soon!!!!!!!!!!!


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