A Spiritual Renegade’s Guide to the Good Life

ok so…..i have something to share…..something about life, not only about art or creativity, but i believe it will help with that too……

i have been reading this most excellent book…..as some of you may know, or may have guessed….i have an interest in various spirit filled paths…..Lama Marut is a teacher that was introduced to me by beautiful people who have taught me along the way…..i am a support person for an amazing couple who are in a 3 yr silent retreat….just down the road from my house! Lama Marut is one of their teachers…..

i just want to say….i have blessed life….and yet, even when i have everything i thought i ever wanted i sometimes feel, well, just not quite content….and why? how can i help myself?

Lama Marut’s teachings come straight from the ancient Buddhist texts and he brings these teachings into a form that a modern westerner would understand….

if you are ready to learn…..contentment is the first step on the path to a truly happy life….and when you are living a truly happy life you can contribute and help others to live a happy life….

it is NOT selfish act to want to be happy……it helps everyone, starting with you and radiating out…..

anyway, i LOVE this book…..and i would highly recommend it to anyone interested in leaving behind fear and anxiety and upping the joy in their life!!!

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