ya’ll will be seeing a bit more of me this week, on the blog that is…..at least that’s my plan…..since i have a solo show coming up at Gabriola Artworks in less than a week, on aug.4th, so i want to get the word out…..artworks shows are always a great time….the fabulous Dinah D will be there to entertain and keep things lively with her awesome singing and playing…..the drinks will flow and the glass will glitter….and there will be a few paintings as well…..

india ink dog and friends

 these ink and watercolour drawings were done in bali this winter…..dogs, dogs, dogs…..bali dogs specifically……or, my version of them….and they are an inspiration for my glass…as you will see at my show…..at least one large glass dog, and maybe puppies too….

dogs added to journal

as you can see, i cut out the dogs from the first paper and glued them into my journal and scribbled and painted all around them…..it was fun….try it sometime, it’s amazing how liberating scribbling can be….i LOVE it…..i am digging messy and kinda weird and absolutely totally not symmetrical…..


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