as many of you know, I have some artists who inspire me endlessly, people like 
Sheila Norgate, Caroline James, Grant Leier, Nixie Barton..…and fortunately for me, I actually know some of these people, and they are my friends and peers…….sweetness…..
and now I have discovered someone new and exciting to me… know how it is…following a path online and I can’t really say how I ended up finding Marti Somers……I can say that I LOVE her work and felt very inspired to see what she is creating…..
in the book “Steal Like An Artist” Austin Kleon says we are all doing mash-ups and remixes and when you are inspired by many people and then it works it’s way through you then something authentic will emerge…..that is my intention when I am creating….because I am influenced by so much that I see and hear……
this mixed media piece kind of reminds me of some of the glass pieces I created last year…the quilted series….I have always been attracted to patchworked art, whether it be textile, glass, collage, paint…whatever……I love crazy quilts…..
Who’s inspiring you right now?
mixed media collage “Frida Buffalo”

detail mixed media collage


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