i drink tea all day long in my studio….actually i should say, late into the night too….cause my studio time is the very best in the evening hours…..i work during the day, absolutely, but from 6 pm onward is when things really happen creatively….or at least that is my fave time in the studio….less distractions, quieter time….

recently i have had the great good fortune to have a few of my art images used on tea cannister labels! i am super excited about this….most especially because 2 of the 3 images chosen are my mixed media paintings!! yay!!!!!!

the tea company is called “The Naked Leaf”……the shop is in a funky area of Calgary….i will be making an order of tea for me!! check it out…..

my friend Amy Dryer, from Calgary…..who is an amazing painter also has her images used on the labels…..

back to studio and tea….

do any of you love tea?


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