coming up soon…..a show of my paintings…..separate from my glass work…..!!! Sept. 21st and 22rd……
mixed media painting on plywood

it has been an interesting and amazing process, to say the least, this relatively new venture into painting over the last few years…..

detail shot, mixed media painting on plywood, “family roots”

 it has been kind of like having 2 siblings, 2 sisters…..the showy glittery sparkly older sister who is much adored, the glass….. and the younger earthy soulful sister wanting to be seen and heard…..and who is adored too, but for different reasons….

mixed media painting on plywood
i have been offered the gallery space of Sheila Norgate to show my paintings in….coming up soon… less than 3 weeks…, i’ll be sharing more of my process around paint in the coming weeks right here on my blog….so, stay tuned!!! 
the images here on this post are of some of earliest work from 3 or 4 years ago…..paint and paper on plywood….my mom is featured…..deep roots emerging….


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