i have recently had the great good fortune to have another opportunity to create a piece for someone’s home…..the inspiration for the art piece is Africa…..and i have never traveled there so i have not had personal experience with this amazing, huge continent….although i have certainly had thoughts of Africa on my mind for a few years now…..so, this commission comes from a woman who regularly works in Africa as a nurse…she has traveled in Egypt, and has worked and lived for extensive periods of time in the Sudan and Uganda…..i have HUGE respect for the people in our world who are willing to serve in this way….thank you so much…..
22″ high and 30″ wide steel and glass

 she wanted a piece that showed the beautiful african women and the amazing Balboa tree…..and the intense reds and sienna colours of the countryside…

and also camels, because in some areas this is the only way you get around…..and i already love camels, i’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to invite them into my menagerie of animal spirits….

images of women working have been in my art before, from Vietnam, Guatemala and India…the difference this time is that i did not actually do the travels myself (someday maybe!)…my client gave me sooo much information and insight into her vision of Africa…and she said i captured it very well…. yay! thank you dear customer for waiting patiently for 2 years for this commission!!!!!!!

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